Cycle of Care

Cycle of Care

Your initial visit for vein consultation

  • Please bring any medical records, prior treatment records, medications at the time of your first visit
  • You will be given a questionnaire to assess the symptoms and extent of venous disease.
  • Physical exam is done to assess the extent of venous disease
  • Photographs are taken as a baseline
  • An ultrasound is done if felt necessary after history and exam
  • Prescription strength medical compression stockings are often given as initial medical treatment
  • Based on the findings of physical exam, your symptoms and ultrasound evaluation, treatment plan will be discussed.
  • Information material would be provided to ensure proper understanding and education regarding venous disease.
  • Insurance questions are answered by office staff, many insurance companies require trial of medical therapy before treatment
  • After treatment a follow-up ultrasound is often done 3 days after endovenous catheter treatment to assess for any blood clot extension into the deep vein and to ensure vein has closed. 6-12 month follow-up is recommended after initial treatment depending on additional treatment necessary for smaller veins.
  • We can assist you in contacting your insurance company to verify medical coverage and obtain any prior authorization if necessary.

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